How Kilk is Kilk?

Our Story

"Every pen is a poet in its own realm"

Kilk, whose seeds were planted in an art workshop that originated from friendly conversations in Üsküdar, the city that saw the conquest, was fed by the dreams, ideas and chants of the art environment in his story of becoming a plane tree.

Kilk, from design to production and even its adventure with writing lovers, develops on the hair legs on which the concepts of humor, aesthetics, ergonomics and durability are based.

Kilk desires to accompany writing lovers for generations with its exclusive designs, standard models as well as limited editions and applications specific to individuals / institutions.

In 2020 by joining some pen enthusiasts to the team, branches of the Kilk grow through the most beautiful. Kilk also offers on a global scale professional writing instruments as a value their own design and manufacture in Turkey and reach wider audiences.

We always look forward to the opportunity to meet for a coffee in our workshop, and we always look forward to it …